perception, and other thoughts

perception, and other thoughts

Sometimes you spend your whole life dreaming of a thing for so long that it becomes real. It’s tangible. It’s like an aftertaste of a bitter food, it’s in the back of your mind as you go about your day. You may not think about it consciously, but it is a hope for yourself. Slowly, this dream becomes real. It becomes real to you, singularly.

A topic on my mind recently is perception. In character, art, even visuals perception is key. That’s what makes it all interesting, isn’t it? Some artists say that a work is never fully complete until an audience has reacted to it and added to it, making it new and perceiving it. From the same piece of work, thousands of messages can come out of it. Perception of a work, of a person, of importance. It’s how we view and interpret the world.

John Thomas said, “You are what you perceive.” In terms of thoughts, I think this works. You are your thoughts, which become your actions, ect. You think pure thoughts, you are pure. You then act pure. You are your thoughts, which is true enough.

But the idea of “I am.” That’s harder. What is true about me is different depending on how you perceive it. How can you say you are anything? How can you know? We contain multitudes. (Walt Whitman). We cannot be limited. We change everyday. I can’t get a grasp on the sameness, on the “I am.”

I’ve perceived something to be true for so long, it’s a shock that my taste buds failed to pick up on. I can’t get a grasp for the truth.

That’s all for me right now. Thanks for reading. ❤

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