wisps of a cloud

wisps of a cloud

we never speak of when the clouds die,
when the sky ages and falls
i didn’t see the sun going out
to break an eternal law.

we never saw the mountains tremble
never saw them sleep,
i wonder if they’d notice,
would the people weep?

the wisps of a cloud carry on
(did anybody see it?)
and it transformed into the fluff of your hair
the strength of your bone,
(look closer now)
and the sky saw and made way to skin,
how it loves to stretch over, becoming again.
(it’s all around you)
when the mountains died, they became the point
in your fingernail, they hurried into the
grays and shadows of your eye,
and for the mountains know of age,
they colored your hair of gravel and stone.

i never saw the sun go out
fall shriveled to the bone
(take notice)
the light and shine under your soles
when the day is done i’ll see the remnants in the doorstep.

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